Sweet Swing for HERSHEY’S

Sweet Swing for HERSHEY’S

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Sweet Swing「Sweet Swing for HERSHEY’S」


01. Waltz For Debby(intro)

02. Waltz For Debby feat. Maia Hirasawa

03. LOVE feat. SHANTI

04. Hershey Bar feat. Sari Nakamura

05. It’s Only A Paper Moon feat. Yuka Deguchi

06. Mister Sandman feat.日之内エミ

07. Cheek to Cheek feat. HanaH

08. Sweet Swing Interlude

09. Baby Baby feat. Tamala

10. Kitty(Baby Baby Interlude)feat. Tamala

11. Down With Love feat. Sari Nakamura

12. Why Don’t You Do Right feat. Yuka Deguchi

13. Sweet Swing Outro

14. Anthropology[Bonus Track]


Produced by Kenichiro Nishihara


Release 2011.10.19