不思議な引力に惹かれる、Jazzy HipHopの最新形。



ジャズへの愛を、ヒップホップへのリスペクトに昇華させた、Kenichiro Nishihara3枚目のオリジナルアルバム。

過去2作「Humming Jazz」、「LIFE」を踏襲しながらも、



Kenichiro Nishihara’s 3rd original album “Illuminus” showcases his love for Jazz and respect for Hip Hop.

Shaped by his artistically mysterious energy, the newest style of Jazzy Hip Hop,

the melodious piano and spiritual jazzy sound ― music that digs deep into our memories

and releases emotions from the depths of our hearts ― is now released into the scene.

His newest inspirations represent the fine quality of sweet and beautiful nostalgic beats,

which extend beyond the spectrum of his last 2 releases,“Humming Jazz” and “LIFE.”

Powerful yet peaceful pieces are melted into this album, “Illuminus” .

・CD BABY (CD&mp3)

Kenichiro Nishihara

「Illuminus(イルミナス)」 Release 2012.12.21

¥2,625 (tax in)

01. Children's Introduction

02. Rise Son feat. Substantial

03. Blind Remix feat. Junggigo -Illuminus Mix-

04. Colors feat. SLik d -Illuminus Remix-

05. Illuminus Swing feat. Gregg Green

06. Ancient Light

07. Mature Opinion feat. Daichi Diez -Illuminus Remix-

08. Findaway

09. Get Inside Your Heart feat. Pismo -Illuminus Remix-

10. Thinking of You feat. Nina Vidal -Illuminus Remix-

11. Future Illumination

12. Serendipity feat. Tamala & Takurah

【 Featuring Artist 】

Substantial, Pismo, SLik d

Nina Vidal, Junggigo, Tamala

DJ Ryow a.k.a. Smooth Current