Relax and Smooth presented by Folklove

Relax and Smooth presented by Folklove

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『Natural Relax』『Heartbeat Suite』とリリースを続けてきたKenichiro Nishiharaによるのプロジェクト“Folklove” 。

待望のアーティストシリーズ第2弾には、Hip Hopの枠を飛び越え、





Colors all the daily life vividly.

“Folklove” is a project of Kenichiro Nishihara,

as you know he continued releasing such as “Natural Relax” and “Heartbeat Suite”.

In long-awaited 2nd artist series, we welcomed “re:plus” who records a long hit in a beautiful nostalgic sound

which jumps over the frame of Hip Hop.

The melody of a pure piano, the tone of the strings

which wraps you gently and the melodic beats will melts into your life naturally

and relieves your weary heart just like the interior design creates a sense of space.

The masterpiece which is suitable for the release of 3rd album

that anticipated the new movement for the “Folklove” series has just completed.

re:plus 『Relax and Smooth presented by Folklove』

Release 2013.1.23

¥2,100 (tax in)

01. Beginning

02. Can`t Wait feat.Jovan Dais

03. We Should Fall In Love (Lovesick) feat.geneva.b

04. Re:lax and Chill feat.Othello -Black Chiwawa remix-

05. Mizunone

06. Autumn Leaf

07. Interlude ~Relax and Smooth~

08. Good Morning feat.Bashwon

09. Blue In Green feat.WaKaNa

10. Ship and The Globe feat.Kae Sun

11. Sanctuary

12. We Should Fall In Love (Lovesick) feat.geneva.b -Black Chiwawa remix-

13. Ending