Kenichiro Nishiharaがアジアツアーを経て新たに感じた、世界に自身を持ってアピールできるTOKYO発、




Kenichiro Nishihara


01. our love feat. mabanua

02. all these years feat. Shing02 & Marter

03. far away feat. Pismo

04. the blessing notes

05. embers feat. Loumina

06. light up the dark feat. Substantial and Precious Joubert

07. shining light feat. Muhammad Iqbal (From Ikkubaru)

08. sincerely

09. sultry night

10. smile feat. Steph Pockets

Release 2016.12.14 ¥2,750 + tax


Kenichiro Nishihara’s 5th album is finally upcoming soon!

“Sincerely” by Kenichiro Nishihara will be released on 14th,December.2016.

It has been about 1 year and half since “Jazzy Folklore” has released which is his 4th album.
New album’s theme was “about love” consists of 10 beautiful songs featuring many special guests.
This challenging and remarkable album is what really Kenichiro Nishihara wanted to release for these several years.

Talented Japanese musicians such as mabanua, Shing02, and Marter has featured
but also well knowned Pismo, Substantial, and Steph Pockets as well.
Muhammad Iqbal is one of another remarkable featuring guest,
vocal of Indonesian city pop band “ikkubaru” well known as remixer of “Mercuy” written by tofubeats.